GTBC Foundation


GTBC Founder in 2013 and current Administrator.
Creator and designer of the image, logos, equipment, Events, etc. of GT Bicycles Club.


Live presentation of the Club and the first equipment in 2014 with test drive of the new GT bikes and ride in Monsanto Lisbon Portugal with support from the importer at the time Bikezone

The Club continues to grow and today has approximately 150 members, many from other countries, with 6 Annual Meetings held and realizes several WingsRides throughout the year for members.

Official international GT Bicycles Club

We are a Club representative of a bicycle brand, the GT Bicycles,
Brand that we are fans.
The philosophy, the models of the bikes, its entity and a very special myth, along with the pleasure of pedaling with our GTs and the friendship and conviviality among the members of the Club united by this unique lifestyle, gave birth to this group which grows every day.

Join us! GTBC lifestyle!


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What are you waiting for to become a member of the GT BICYCLES CLUB?

Have you got a GT bike and want to become a club member? 
You do?! So, all it takes is to send your information data via private message (or send an email to gtbicyclesclub@gmail.com) with the following information:
Name, age, Location, GT bike model and year, year you began riding, your favorite trail, a small introduction about yourself, your photograph and one with your GT.