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"We are Fans of this Mythical Brand a Legend in the World Bicycles."


about us

We are a Club representative of a bicycle brand, the GT Bicycles, Brand that we are fans.
The philosophy, the models of the bikes, its entity and a very special myth, along with the pleasure of pedaling with our GTs and the friendship and conviviality among the members of the Club united by this unique lifestyle, gave birth to this group which grows every day.


GT Bicycles

From our Southern California beginnings in 1972 to today. GT mixes performance with serious fun to deliver good times everywhere our bikes are ridden.


Founder in 2013. Live presentation of the Club and the first equipment in 2014 with test drive of the new GT bikes and ride in Monsanto Lisbon Portugal

Group news

Space for exchange of ideas and suggestions, divulge meetings and organize rides, get GT fans together, and bring more members to GTbc.

Our Events

6th Meeting held in June 2019 in the fantastic Sintra Mountains. Magnificent trails and spectacular scenery on a very special day.

In holding the 1st UCI DH World race in our country, we will add our party to this memorable event.

WingsRide this time in Lisbon at night was to visit the Christmas lights and the fantastic nightlife of the capital of our country. 

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